Objective of vmo amo

About the Paper

Vedic Maths Olympiad and Abacus Maths Olympiad is organised to instil various methods of calculation that are easy  to apply for students. VMO/AMO  is conducted to revive the Ancient Method of calculation in today’s generation. Academic Curriculum followed by school as per different educational boards are sufficient for assessment of their skills and talents. VMO (Vedic Maths Olympiad) and AMO (Abacus Maths Olympiad ) are the only one Olympiad which is not only providing an extra skills but teaching student too prior their assessment.

‘We Teach First’

As we all know that Vedic Maths and Abacus is not taught as a particular subject in schools. The students are not fully aware of its formulas and originality. We believe that a student can not perform if they arenot being taught first. The object of the concept ‘WE TEACH FIRST’ is that we will provide teaching facility to the students prior their assessment. So the Assessment and judgement will be fair. The perk of the ‘WE TEACH FIRST’ is that students are fairly judged on their understanding of the concepts. We teach through sample papers, video lectures and problem solving workshops.

We will organize workshops for VMO/AMO School coordinators to help them to prepare students for VMO/AMO.

How VMO/AMO is different from others

Features VMO/AMO Others
1.Learning New Skill Yes X
2.Making Math Interesting Yes X
3.‘We Teach First’                             Yes X
4.Helpful in fast calculation Yes X
5.Free Study Material Yes X
6.Chance to Self improve Yes X
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