Frequently Ask Questions

Other Olympiads assessment exams are based on their routine academic syllabus. Which is already assessed by school teachers many number of times during every session but VMO and AMO provide an opportunity to learn a new skills which is quite helpful in their academics too.

It helps in improving a student’s balance Left and Right brain growth. Scientific analyses indicate abacus & Vedic Maths  can improve a child’s ability to:

concentrate       visualize                          memorize       observe & process information.

Yes it will be more beneficial like 1 and 1 is 11. Because both method are complementary to each other. Knowledge of both the methods  will be so helpful in calculations.

School can select 16th of any month from July’19 to January’ 20, as per convenience for conducting AMO and VMO e.g. 16th July, 16th August etc.

A student will be able to give answers to questions like this in seconds without a calculator –

e.g. 998 x 992=     or       45 x11=     or         22+55-43+59– 89 +72 – 16+31-32-41+17=  ,

after completing this program.

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